Insight Curation (IC) allows you get to grips with, and extract maximum value from, all your insight data and enables you to be confident that you “know what you know”. IC isn’t an AI programme or a software platform, it’s a consultancy offer, a human approach. It is Ichor’s tried & tested methodology that harnesses past research, current data, new requirements and demands across multiple business areas and territories to form a point of view, yield fresh insights and give a ‘whole picture’ overview.


Do you have a need for insights but not the budget or appetite for a full-time insight department? Ichor offers full flexible research consultancy and even planning services. I can work with you to identify, brief and manage any type of insight project and help you get to grips with the meaning and impact of existing insights as & when needed.


Ichor has been running workshops for clients for years. If you have a brand positioning that needs that needs examining or refreshing, a sector that needs exploring or a product that needs refining, I will create a bespoke workshop that will deliver exactly what you need.


Qual is Ichor’s stock in trade. I’ve been doing qual in one form or another since 1987 and have worked in over 30 markets. In my view the best research considers carefully who you want to talk to, why you are talking to them and how best to hold that conversation to elicit the information that’s really needed. I’ve been known to create new methods if tried & tested ones don’t work.

I also offer qualitative training to help all levels of quallies improve their technique or to help planners feel more comfortable running their own groups.