So much primary research is commissioned, acknowledged and then filed away, often to be forgotten. The reality is that corporate memory fades (changes of key personnel can mean important research understanding, thinking and context is lost) and as a result of this, brands and agencies can waste money by commissioning new research when existing research has often already touched on the ‘new’ question or issue.

In addition, there are so many data streams to manage, (qual / quant / big data / blogs / opinion pieces / industry papers etc) it’s easy to get inundated and lose track of the big picture. Using Insight Curation (IC) to re-interrogate already existing materials from all data streams can yield fresh insights and give a ‘whole picture’ overview.

Importantly, IC is NOT AI or a software programme, it’s a human approach, a tried & tested methodology that draws on 30+ years’ experience as an international researcher, ad agency planner and client insight specialist, which allows me to re-interrogate and re-analyse existing data with a highly experienced “fresh pair of eyes”.  

It is ideal when lots of different threads need bringing together, or where different parts of a brand may not be properly “joined up”, and can also be used where strategic questions are being asked or business problems have arisen”.


IC is essentially an “expert witness”, approaching research data forensically, challenging and questioning conclusions to ensure all options have been considered.

It harnesses past research, current data, new requirements and demands across multiple business areas, looking beyond the initial objectives, searching for patterns and potential hidden themes, mindful of nuances and possible misinterpretation (often bringing a new interpretation) to form a point of view, and providing clarity on why “we are where we are now”.

“I wanted to say a big thank you for the fantastic work you did for with the China ‘One View’ report.  We know that it was not a small challenge we gave and there were moving goal posts and a lot of reports and data for you to review. We also asked you to extrapolate the data into some real insights that we can use in our strategy development. You have absolutely delivered on this, and provided us with fantastic food for thought. There are some really fascinating and new insights for us as a business, some of them challenging but all workable!”

(Caroline Missen; ex GM Global Marketing – Transport & Industry Brands; Shell Lubricants; now Business Advisor to Downstream director)


Using IC means there is no need to “re-invent the wheel” or waste time unknowingly repeating projects. It allows you to bring together any disparate brand threads to create a full brand picture regardless of territory or business unit

Depending on the scope, an IC project can take as little as 3 days or as long as 5 weeks and it is billed at a set day rate

Briefing can be remote or face to face and all output can be delivered electronically or face to face