Insights to deliver growth

For many SME’s, one of the key paths to growth is having a real and genuine understanding of all their customer needs in order to ensure they are delivering exactly what their customer wants, but often there is a lack of understanding of how to gather the right insights in the right way. Lack of budget – or indeed need – for a full-time insights department is often a problem, or the marketing director is tasked with insight gathering alongside getting their day job done!

Ichor can help. I offer full flexible research consultancy and even planning services. I can work closely with you to plug your insight gap. I can work on a temporary / project by project basis or work with you a few days a month to enable you to get to grips with the meaning and impact of any existing insights, and run any new insight project.


Achieve valuable customer understanding

I can develop RFP’s, help decide on the best research methods and providers, help write screeners, discussion guides or questionnaires and of course help with the final data analysis to enable you to develop true and valuable customer understanding